Marcia Breaz


Marcia has lived in Washington State; Minnesota; South Africa; London,England; Connecticut; California and Texas- and that was BEFORE she became a performer!! Her father worked for Shell Oil, hence the travels.

You folks see her play the keys on stage, but here's a dirty little secret: her first musical instrument wasn't a piano, it was an ACCORDIAN!! Yeah- momma's got a squeezebox and daddy doesn't sleep at night!!! Who knows what would have happened if her family had spent some of their travel-time in Louisiana--she might have been the first female Zydeco Queen!!

We can only guess as to what happened to the squeezebox, but we do know she was co-opted into piano lessons at the tender age of 11. These lessons continued until she turned 15, when her teacher told her that she wasn't playing properly. So she quit. And she meant it. Yes.

Marcia had only sung on stage a few times in a college coffeehouse in California before she was tricked into joining the band. Peter (who was dating her at the time, and still is) asked her if she could sing a simple harmony part at band practice one day. She wasn't in the group, but she said she would try.  Well, she was asked by the other members to sing more parts, and eventually she realized that she was singing and playing her tambourine and auto-harp for free, even tho the GUYS were getting paid!! The situation was soon (real soon!) resolved to mutual satisfaction.

After a few band members quit to form their own short-lived project, Peter asked Marcia if she could play keys (Marcia claims, to this day, that she was TOLD to play keys...) and she said she'd give it a try. Well-there you go, you nasty old piano teacher!! You may have been right, but look who's on stage now, you biddy!!

Marcia now plays a digital solid-state keyboard that has hundreds of sounds available, with everything from pianos, organs, and strings to human voices and some drum sounds.  Her keyboard work is a very important part of our sound, and if you watch closely, you can see her switching settings on it even as she plays. 

Marcia has always claimed, however, that her first instrument is her voice, and anyone who comes to our shows would have to agree with that!! She's a natural singer, that is, she has had no formal voice training at all, having developed her own unique styling and phrasing simply by singing for the love of it. A few years ago, she went to a professional voice coach to see if there was anything else she could develop, The coach told her she was singing wrong and had to completely un-learn her technique!!(what is it with these instructors you find, Marcia?). We decided to just let Marcia sing the way she does, since we like it so much. Obviously, audiences do, too!!  So there you have it- a triple threat!! Singer, keyboardist and a little bass guitar. The lovely and talented Marcia...

And now, Marcia is a published author!   She kept a journal of all the crazy, wild, strange and wonderful things that make up the day to day existence of a working band, and now it's been  made into a book - Join The Band!  It's a treasure of stories about the band members and the widely varied places the band has played, and the characters they have met along the way.  In fact, some of you reading this right now may actually be in this book!  You know who you are..

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