Peter Breaz

Peter grew up in the greater Chicago-land area and his family moved to the south shore of Lake Michigan when he was in elementary school. After seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, young Peter decided that at the age of 12 or so, he wanted to hear the same screams from girls as the Beatles heard!!

So, off to the local music store the family went. Peter originally wanted to play the drums, but the family quickly and firmly put a stop to that notion!! After a quick consultation with the salesman, it was decided that Peter would play the BASS GUITAR (whatever THAT was!). And so a red sparkle bass guitar was purchased for him, for the princely cost of $68.00 . After one lesson, Peter was sure he could teach himself to play this wonderful instrument, whereupon he proceeded to do so!!


After a couple of years and a few garage bands, his parents answered an ad for a Fender bass guitar and amplifier that was for sale by an out-of-work steel mill worker. The gear was promptly bought, and Peter went to work mowing lawns, washing dishes and selling hot dogs at a snack shack on Lake Michigan (for an hourly wage of $2.00) in order to pay back his parents' purchase!! (Surely there was an easier way to get this neat stuff!!) To this day, the Fender bass he plays on-stage is the same bass guitar he got in 1968!!

Peter's bass technique is a mix of the melodic bass playing of Paul McCartney and the aggressive bass playing of Jack Bruce with the band CREAM!! After becoming comfortable with the bass guitar, he became self-taught on the guitar, banjo and harmonica. Today, most of his original songs feature a Rickenbacker 12-string guitar, due to his love of the early Beatles and Byrds recordings!!

Peter has played bass guitar for Lightnin' Hopkins in Houston, and had a band up north in the Chicago area that opened for the Cryin' Shames, the Buckinghams and the Shadows of Night.

After HICKORY was formed, Peter started writing songs, and went to a library where he studied books on music theory , rhyming and poetry and started perfecting his songwriting music skills and his lyrics as well as his ability to arrange the music and write all string and orchestral parts. For the last 13 years, Peter has been fortunate to have had the help of Theresa Hildreth as Band Manager/ advisor and Paul Eakin as Soundman/ technician and Marcia as a fellow performer and vocalist. I treasure the dedication and friendship of my fellow band-mates, and truly enjoy playing OUR music for you folks!!

Three years ago we changed the Band name to IRONHORSE - the Ironhorse was the native American Indian's name for the Steam Locomotive, and like that Train, this band is on track and continues to travel forward!! Thanks for your support!! Peter