Band Instrumentation

Fender jazz bass; Fender precision fretless bass; Hohner and Jambone harmonicas; Guild Import acoustic guitar (tuned to open “E” for “44 Boxcars”); 8-string Hagstrom bass;  Rickenbacker electric 360/12 12 string guitar;  Carvin B-300 bass amp with 300 watt amp amplifier head and one 4 - 12” speaker box


Marcia: Alessis and Kurzweil keyboards;  Roland JC-120 stereo/chorus amplifier; Afuche, tambourine and triangle percussion instruments.
Drums and Percussion
John: Fender Telecaster second-string bender;  Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar with pickup:  Rickenbacker 360/12 12-string electric guitar;  Emmons double-neck pedal steel guitar

Stage Setup and Tech Info